Largest Iceberg break-up- Ilulissat glacier in Greenland

This is the largest Iceberg break-up ever filmed by James Balog, after weeks of waiting. The filmakers witnessed 7 cubic km of ice crashing off the Ilulissat glacier in Greenland.

Chasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg break-up ever filmed

This is the trailer of the film Chasing Ice

Ilulissat glacier in Greenland world map

Jakobshavn Glacier, is a large outlet glacier in West Greenland. It is located near the Greenlandic town of Ilulissat (Danish: Jakobshavn) and ends at the sea in the Ilulissat Icefjord.

Jakobshavn Glacier drains 6.5% of the Greenland ice sheet and produces around 10% of all Greenland icebergs. Some 35 billion tonnes of icebergs calve off and pass out of the fjord every year. Icebergs breaking from the glacier are often so large (up to a kilometer in height) that they are too tall to float down the fjord and lie stuck on the bottom of its shallower areas, sometimes for years, until they are broken up by the force of the glacier and icebergs further up the fjord. Studied for over 250 years, Jakobshavn Glacier has helped develop our understanding of climate change and icecap glaciology.