Lightweight, Wearable Exosuit for patients with limited mobility

Scientists developed lightweight, wearable exosuits for patients with limited mobility.

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University collaborates with ReWalk Robotics Ltd. to develop lightweight, wearable soft exosuit technologies for assisting people with lower limb disabilities.

Above, the lightweight, wearable soft exosuit could help patients suffering from lower limb disability regain their mobility.   Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

This will help speed the design of assistive exosuits that could help patients suffering from stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS) to regain mobility.

Conor Walsh, Ph.D., who is a Core Faculty Member at the Wyss Institute, said:

“This is a very exciting day for the soft exosuit technology. ReWalk brings commercialization expertise and experience in the area of wearable robotics and complements our translation-focused research. Ultimately this agreement paves the way for this technology to make its way to patients.”

Kathleen O’Donnell, who has been leading the team at the Wyss Institute with Walsh, explains:

“What makes the soft exosuit’s development so unique is the extreme multi-disciplinary nature of the work. In addition to our varied technical expertise as a team, our research with voluntary study participants has been central to our understanding of how we need to design and build these exosuits.”

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source Wyss Institute