Low-Power demonstration Reactor

Kairos Power and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have announced a collaboration on deploying a low-power demonstration reactor at the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

As part of this agreement, TVA will provide engineering, operations, and licensing support to help Kairos Power deploy its low-power demonstration reactor, named Hermes.

TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash, said:

“Teamwork is the hallmark of the nuclear industry, and through this partnership with Kairos Power we can share TVA’s safety and innovation insights to advance nuclear technology while gaining experience with licensing for advanced reactors. Nuclear power is the key to fueling our economy with reliable, affordable, and clean electricity, and it is critical to our national security.”

TVA generates more than 40% of its electricity from nuclear power, and is recognized as a national leader in nuclear power with the third largest nuclear fleet in the U.S.

Mike Laufer, Co-Founder and CEO of Kairos Power, said:

“We look forward to collaborating with TVA, and drawing upon the well-versed knowledge and expertise of their team. Kairos Power and TVA have a shared commitment to improving people’s quality of life and pursuing innovation through advanced nuclear that provides reliable, clean energy for the future.”

Kairos Power’s singular objective for deploying the Hermes Reactor is to demonstrate the capability to deliver an advanced reactor at the costs necessary to make nuclear power the most affordable source of dispatchable electricity in the United States.

source Kairos Power