Lumos Ultra LED light bike Helmet

Lumos Ultra LED light bike helmet offering a sleek package, it raises over $2 million via Kickstarter.

Lumos Ultra bike helmet features integrated LED lighting, turn signals and smart features to keep you safe.

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It’s our most vented helmet yet. We’ve been listening to customer feedback and have paid very close attention to the way Ultra directs air through its internal venting system. We’ve created 3 enormous exhausts in the rear to ensure hot air gets pushed out helping to keep the rider cool whether on a commute or on a training session.

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By using more efficient manufacturing methods, we were able to use less material without compromising the high level of protection that our helmets provide. Our very first helmet weighed in at 490 grams, Ultra is estimated to have a final weight of 370 grams.

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Lumos Ultra will also come with an option to add MIPS. This is an extra safety feature that is built into the helmet to add protection against rotational motion transferred to the brain. Rotational motion affects the brain and increase the risk for minor and severe brain injuries.

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Chips On Board (COB) is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over more conventional technologies. It allows for a more compact footprint whilst delivering a higher intensity of light meaning you’ll be seen from further away. It is also what gives the lights a more uniform look. We like to think of it as Currently Our Best LED technology.

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