'Lunar Horizons' Moon mission gameESA

Lunar Horizons is available now in Fortnite an immersive adventure on the Moon during a futuristic international mission.

Released on April 11, 2024, Lunar Horizons, crafted by Epic Games, ESA, and Hassell, with the collaboration of Buendea and Team PWR, transports you to the lunar surface.

In the new game, you become an astronaut stationed near the Moon’s South Pole. Your objective: gather resources to construct a lunar habitat.

Discover the wonders of space as you play. Traverse the lunar terrain, interact with fellow astronauts, and uncover fascinating facts about real European Moon missions and ESA’s contributions.

Encounter ESA’s Argonaut lunar lander, slated for launch aboard an Ariane 6 rocket for future ESA Moon missions.

ESA’s Branding and Partnerships Office has partnered with game developers to infuse authenticity into space exploration experiences, bringing the infinite marvels of space closer to gamers everywhere.

Join forces with friends in multiplayer mode for the ultimate lunar-building experience.

source ESA