Magic Carpets 2016

Magic Carpets 2016 is a giant luminous carpet, projected on the floor in the MK Center.

Miguel Chevalier has installed a ‘magic carpet,’ an interactive virtual-reality installation, in the British town of Milton Keynes.

This carpet is made of different virtual and multicolore graphic scenes inspired by emblematic forms.

Magic Carpets 2016 (5)

The artwork beneficiates of a musical display specially created for the installation and composed by Ray Lee.
The visitors will be able to carry small aluminium spheres generating the music.
By using presence sensors the installation is interactive.

Magic Carpets 2016 (4)

In a visual way this fluent universe is impacted by the visitors’ movements.
The moves modify the elements’ trajectory under the feet drawing a new composition which remains stunning.
Like a giant kaleidoscope the spectator is immersed in a world of colors, moving forms and travels into an imaginary and poetic game of optical illusions.

Magic Carpets 2016 (3)

Magic Carpets 2016 (2)

Magic Carpets 2016 (1)