Lockheed Martin Dry Combat Submersibles (DCS)

New submarines will transport personnel to their mission sites, while submerged.

Lockheed Martin in partnership with Submergence Group LLC, will manufacture Dry Combat Submersibles (DCS).


These vehicles have longer endurance and operate at greater depths than swimmer delivery vehicles (SDV) in use.

The vehicles will weigh more than 30 tons, be launched from surface ships, and be able to travel long distances underwater. DCS allows the personnel to get closer to their destination before they enter the water, and be more effective upon arrival.

Lockheed Martin Dry Combat Submersibles (DCS)

Erika Marshall, general manager and program director at Lockheed Martin’s site in Palm Beach, said:

“Our advancements in undersea technologies will ensure personnel are equipped with technologically capable and adaptable systems that can easily be refreshed with the latest capabilities. These reliable undersea vehicles will protect personnel, ensure they arrive ready to execute their mission, and return them safely.”

Currently, personnel transiting underwater use the SDV to reach their final destination – the personnel are in dive gear and exposed to the undersea environment.

Images credit Lockheed Martin

source Lockheed Martin