Manta hybrid eVTOL aircraft (7)

The one- to five-seat types Manta hybrid eVTOL aircraft, with exceptional maneuvering capabilities, will be soon ready for flying tests.

Manta Aircraft has already built a one-third scale model and is preparing for its first flight tests.

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Manta hybrid eVTOL aircraft can take-off and land vertically when needed, but also operate from very short airstrips (as short as three vertical landing pads in a row) with considerably higher payload. In practice, it can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, and fly horizontally like an airplane.

Manta hybrid eVTOL aircraft

Their hybrid propulsion allows higher performance in terms of longer endurance and range (recharging batteries enroute), fed with eco-fuel and needing a very limited infrastructure. Their airplane-like airframe allows them higher speed and climb performance in safer flying conditions, and the very few embedded “project unknowns” make their certification process quicker and easier, expediting time to market.

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The hybrid propulsion system allows an outstanding 600+ km range for regional and inter city flights without several recharging stops.

It is equipped as standard with suitable fail-safe systems to offer pilots the highest possible safety in case of an unexpected issue.

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