Map reveals the areas where Animals are at risk of Extinct

Map reveals the areas where Animals are at risk of Extinct

July 11, 2017

Map reveals the areas where Animals are at risk of Extinct

A new global map reveals the areas where animals are at risk of extinct.

This is the first study to map Earth habitat fragmentation for almost 4,000 species.

Above, red indicates highly fragmented areas and blue indicates areas with low fragmentation click to enlarge).

Scientists discovered that species with more habitat fragmentation are at greater extinction risk.

Study lead author Professor Kevin Crooks, of Colorado State University, said:

“For the first time in Earth’s history, one species – Homo sapiens, or humans – dominates the globe.

In contrast to prior eras, we travel and communicate across the entire planet.

Unfortunately, the more ‘connected’ we become, non-human life with which we share this planet becomes increasingly disconnected, at their peril.”

Image credit Kevin Crooks

via dailymail


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One Comment

  1. Paula Jane Om 007 J BOND 2017/07/13 at 1:52 am - Reply

    I totally disagree with this first of its kind geological map that depicts areas of mass extinsion of all other species bor the human race because all species share the same knowledge of understanding through sharing the one atmosphere that supports the gravitational existance of our orbital planet through covalant needs with in the enviroment that supports earths existitutional path through cyclonic shifts for balance with in the cosmos but seperable by its own tranferable energies been covalantly bonded through chained reactions balanced in accordance to acknowledged allowances of shared principles that inturn create atmosperical seperations of the earth with in the universe so’s to support multi celleluar composition in the space which gives first instance to all form through evolved essosential understanding that is subconsciously born to be reborn and so on.

    So their for the areas in red or nearing too do not resemble extinsion at all infact they represent evolutionary of mass adaptation, yet if the human species can’t clearly format that conclusion, then ‘WE’ as a joint species capable of dexterminal coordination are indeed the most disconnected of all multi cellular composits.

    Although I do detract myself from the majorital expectation with regards to mankinds ignorance due to the fact my choice in communicative understanding is in line with the majorital that covalantly understand atmospherical reasoning with regards to all other species and their needs of wellbeing through this ever changing enviroment thats in constant evolvement.

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