First female F-35 pilot

The first female pilot F-35 fifth-generation fighter, Christine Mau formerly an F-15E Strike Eagle pilot, begins training.

All images credit Staff Sgt. Marleah Robertson/U.S. Air Force

First female F-35 pilot (5)


Mau, said:
“It wasn’t until I was taxiing to the runway that it really struck me that I was on my own in the jet. I had a chase aircraft, but there was no weapons system officer or instructor pilot sitting behind me, and no one in my ear like in simulators.

It felt great to get airborne. The jet flies like a dream, and seeing the systems interact is impressive. Flying with the Helmet Mounted Display takes some adjusting, but it’s an easy adjustment. The training missions in the simulator prepare you very well, so you’re ready for that flight.”

First female F-35 pilot (4)

First female F-35 pilot (3)

First female F-35 pilot (2)


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