Michelin UPTIS Airless Tire

Michelin UPTIS airless tires that are cheaper, more durable and better for the environment, will be available by 2024.

Michelin and General Motors announced the co-development of UPTIS, that stands for Unique Puncture-proof Tire System, at a summit in Montreal.

Airless tires that are more sustainable, cheaper, longer lasting and would improve fuel economy, will be reality on passenger vehicles as early as 2024.

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According to Michelin:

UPTIS design could also be 3D printed and easily replaced.

Car drivers feel safe and secure on the road since the dangers of flat tires and blowouts are eliminated.

Fleet owners and professional vehicle drivers optimize their business productivity (no downtime from flats, near-zero levels of maintenance).

Raw material is reduced, which in turn reduces waste. General Motors, a major global Original Equipment Manufacturer and valued partner to Michelin.

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Images credit Michelin