Michelin's inflatable sails

Wisamo project, Michelin’s inflatable sails, an innovative solution powered by wind, to help decarbonize maritime shipping.

Wisamo is an innovation initiative from Michelin Group and develops an inflated, foldable and automated wing using wind propulsion as an hybrid solution to reduce fuel consumption and then greenhouse emissions like CO².

Michelin's inflatable sails (4)

The wing can be adapted to any kind of vessels, new ones or the ones already operating: Ro-Ro, bulk cargos, oil and gaz tankers, containers as well as sailing and yacht boats. Thanks to Wisamo, Michelin aims to contribute to maritime transport decarbonization.

Michelin's inflatable sails (3)

The wing’s range of use is one of the market’s broadest, with proven effectiveness on many points of sail, and especially when close-hauled (windward). It can be used on every maritime shipping route. The telescopic mast is retractable, making it easy for a ship to enter harbors and pass under bridges. In all, the system can improve a ship’s fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

Michelin's inflatable sails (2)

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