Michigan legalizes sales of Self driving cars 1

This is a first: Michigan legalizes the sales of self-driving cars, with no steering wheels or pedals required.

The State of Michigan just announced the most progressive autonomous driving laws in the U.S.

Governor of the State Rick Snyder signed the new laws, backed by Toyota, Google, Uber and Lyft.

Governor Snyder explained:

“By establishing guidelines and standards for self-driving vehicles, we’re continuing that tradition of excellence in a way that protects the public’s safety while at the same time allows the mobility industry to grow without overly burdensome regulations.”

Michigan’s laws allow companies to test vehicles without steering wheels or pedals.

The bill, number 996 (PDF), says that a company can test the cars in Michigan if they are a “motor vehicle manufacturer.”

Florida had also passed a legislation allowing autonomous cars to be tested on roads, but require them to have steering wheels and other operating functions.

via fortune