PARAZERCON SP., magnified 556 times

Mites crawl and breed in the strangest places. Some set up shop on bodies. Like yours.   This predatory soil mite is the terror of its microscopic world. Parazercon mite, magnified 556 times. image © Martin Oeggerli /National Geographic

Heavily armored scutacarid mites hitch rides on larger arthropods (including other mites) in their search for food, tumbling off when they arrive at a source of fresh fungi and other microbes. SCUTACARIDAE, 629 X. image © Martin Oeggerli /National Geographic


Eobrachychthonius Mite, 996 X
Scientists are discovering that mites are exquisitely adapted to nature’s every niche. Case in point: Colorful beads of water-repellent wax ensure that a moss mite stays dry in its damp world. Eobrachychthonius Mite, 996 X. image © Martin Oeggerli /National Geographic


National Geographic

Image credit National Geographic

The images are from the February issue of National Geographic magazine.

source National Geographic