metal balls found on the ocean floor

Scientists are baffled by mystery ‘alien metal balls found on the Atlantic ocean floor.

Above: The manganese nodules as spotted on the ocean floor of the Atlantic.  Credit Nils Brenke, CeNak

Researcher have been trying to find out the origin of the millions potato-sized mystery balls, discovered in 1873, known as manganese nodules, covering several hundred miles east of Barbados.

They have now found largest patch of metal balls in the Atlantic, that are up to 10 million years old.

The manganese nodules

The manganese nodules, discovered in January during a recent scientific expedition in the Atlantic. Credit Thomas Walter

According to one theory, they formed from chemical reactions and bacteria.

Another theory explains that manganese nodules were created by metals from volcanic vents.

Dr. Matthias Haeckel, a GEOMAR researcher who is coordinating a three-year project, said:

“Many questions about potential ore mining in the deep sea, however, are still unanswered. We should get to know the deep sea better before we start to change it on potentially large scale.”

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