Submarine to explore Titan

NASA will send a Submarine in 2040, to explore of Saturn‘s Moon Titan hydrocarbon oceans.   Watch the video…

NASA Titan submarine concept that will be send to Titan’s largest northern sea, Kraken Mare, would weigh about one tonne, travel at 3.6 km/h, and would use conventional electric propulsion over a 90-day mission.

What would a submarine to explore the liquid methane seas of Saturn’s Moon Titan look like? This video shows one submarine concept that would explore both the shoreline and the depths of this strange world that has methane rain, rivers and seas!

Submarine to explore Titan (3)


The design was developed for the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program, by NASA Glenn’s COMPASS Team, and technologists and scientists from the Applied Physics Lab and submarine designers from the Applied Research Lab.

The slender low-drag hull has propulsors at rear, and a large dorsal phased array antenna, at the front of which a surface camera is mounted in a streamlined cowl. A sidescan sonar, seafloor camera, and seafloor sampling system are visible on ventral surfaces. One of two long cylindrical buoyancy tanks is seen here, mounted high for surface stability.

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