Saturn’s Northern region is bathed in Sunlight

The whole Saturn‘s northern region is bathed in sunlight in this view from late 2016. The hexagon-shaped jet-stream is fully illuminated here.

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This is Saturn’s Turbulent North

Saturn's Turbulent North

Spectacular images in this Saturnian hexagon collage, from Cassini‘s orbit over the turbulent North Pole.

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Majestic Ring details on display


A majestic view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft showcases some of the amazingly detailed structure of Saturn‘s rings.

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Saturn’s mysterious Hexagon has changed color


Saturn‘s North Polar hexagon has changed color from blue to gold – and no one knows why.

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In Daylight on the Night Side


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft looks down at the rings of Saturn from above the planet’s nightside.

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Scientists find ‘Impossible’ Cloud on Titan


NASA astronomers find ‘impossible’ cloud on Saturn‘s moon Titan.

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Autonomous Submarine To Explore Titan’s Ocean

Autonomous Submarine To Explore Titan’s Ocean

NASA plans to send an autonomous submarine, to explore Saturn‘s moon Titan‘s oceans.

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Saturn Clouds in Infrared

Saturn Clouds in Infrared

This impressive false-color view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows clouds in Saturn‘s northern hemisphere.

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A rare 5 planets alignment

A rare 5 planets alignment (1)

Watch all the 5 bright planets in a rare alignment, just after sunset.

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The dark side of Saturn

The dark side of Saturn 1

A great image from the Cassini spacecraft currently orbiting behind Saturn, with the most grand ring system in our Solar System.

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