3D house printer

New 3D house printer can save up to 70% of frame construction costs and time, in comparison with traditional methods.

Apis Cor created a low energy consumption, no waste, labor economy, quick finishing of buildings, 3D house printer.

In order to minimize time and costs of construction we need to use automating hard tasks which were performed by humans and machine labor. To solve this problem Apis Cor, use 3d printing method and build houses of future now.

3D house printer can build a house per day

With every year the population of earth is growing, more people try to get closer to big cities where the quality of life is higher. Just imagine, how many people will be in need of accommodation. Considering the rapid growth of city agglomerations there is a need to build fast and save natural resources, which is impossible without using new technologies.

3D house printer

“This printer doesn’t have any massive and hard-to-install railings, on which it could move around the site, yet even that doesn’t limit its possibilities–from a single point of construction it can build up to 192 square meters of lodging with almost no limitations in height. Ecologists may also feel quite enthusiastic about this machine, as it doesn’t leave any construction waste and consumes only eight kilowatts of energy–as much as five working teapots.”

via inhabitat