Homo Naledi our new ancestor

Homo Naledi is our new ancestor, adding a new chapter to the evolution story, with physical characteristics with modern humans.   Watch the video…

Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger and his team, discovered Homo Naledi in a deep cave in South Africa, fossil remains belonging to the newest member of our human family.
The cave system where the bones were located, called Rising Star, 30 miles northwest of Johannesburg, was extremely difficult to reach, this is why the researchers believe that the human ancestor, practiced a behavior that of ‘deliberately disposing of their dead underground.’

Homo Naledi our new ancestor 2

The brain case of this composite male skull of H. naledi measures a mere 560 cubic centimeters in volume—less than half that of the modern human skull behind it.  ART BY STEFAN FICHTEL. SOURCES: LEE BERGER AND PETER SCHMID, WITS; JOHN HAWKS, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON

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