A new Human Organ has been classified

A new Human Organ has been classified

Scientists discover a new organ in the human digestive system.

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Overpopulation – The Human Explosion explained

In a very short amount of time the human population exploded and is still growing very fast. Will this lead to the end of our civilization?   Take a look at the video…

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Scientists declare Anthropocene has begun

Scientists declare Anthropocene has begun

Welcome to the Anthropocene.  This is the dawn of the human-influenced geological epoch.

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Human’s Growing Impact on the Planet

Human's Growing Impact on the Planet 1

Take a look at this map showing human’s growing impact on the Planet.

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If Humans Disappeared

If Humans Disappeared

What would happen if humans disappeared?  Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet.  The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result…

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Humans In 1000 Years

Humans In 1000 Years

What will humanity look like in 1000 years? Watch as we cover some cutting-edge innovations happening today…

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Human Evolution in 90 seconds

Human Evolution

Watch human evolution, by paleoartist John Gurche’s vision of his own direct ancestry in under 2 minutes…

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New Human Ancestor discovered

Homo Naledi our new ancestor

Homo Naledi is our new ancestor, adding a new chapter to the evolution story, with physical characteristics with modern humans.   Watch the video…

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Humans have killed half the World’s Trees

The last batch of sawnwood from the peat forest

Based on a new study, since the start of human civilization, the global number of trees has fallen by approximately 46%!

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The Death Of Bees

The Death Of Bees

In our days the bees are still dying in masses, which seems not very important, until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them.

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