New Imaging technique captures how Brain moves

New imaging technique captures how brain moves in incredibly detailed 3D videos.

3D aMRI not only provides a stunning look inside the “beating brain”, but it can also measure this physiological motion in all directions. Here, the amplitude of brain motion is overlayed for each brain slice and orientation in 3D.

Researchers from the Mātai Medical Research Institute, in New Zealand, and Stevens Institute of Technology — and others — report a new and enhanced method to visualize difficult-to-spot brain conditions.

Using the new 3D aMRI software, 4D animation models of brain motion can be created from an MRI image.

The striking detail of these animated magnified movements may be able to help identify abnormalities, such as those caused by blockages of spinal fluids, which include blood and CSF (spinal fluid in the brain).

3D aMRI method outlined in Terem et al. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (2021); Abderezaei et al. Brain Multi-physics (2021).

source Stevens Institute of Technology