Solar windows coating can generate 50 times more energy

Scientists developed a new solar windows coating that could generate 50 times more energy than conventional photovoltaic arrays.

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The team at SolarWindow Technologies developed modules that can produce more than 50 times more power than rooftop solar panels, when modeled for an installation on a single 50-story building.

Solar windows coating can generate 50 times more energy 2

Patrick Sargent, SolarWindow Advisor and former Photovoltaics Cover Technology Leader at one of the world’s largest glass producers, where he manufactured glass for solar energy applications, said:

“One of the most impressive features about SolarWindow™ is how it’s being developed for direct integration with existing fabrication and glass manufacturing processes using high speed and large-area coating methods.

We don’t need to disrupt the primary manufacturers’ $30-$80 million dollar float or fabrication lines to incorporate SolarWindow processes. Our coatings can be applied at the glass plant after the glass is manufactured, cut, and edged, if required. Nobody – ever – has achieved this type of technology or product before.”

New solar windows coating

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