New tires by Hankook (5)

Hankook realizes the infinite possibilities of new tires.

Above, the Flexup a futuristic single user mobility that can freely turn corner on the flat ground by using the tilting principle when skiing.

Offers the  possibility to move freely even when the stairs are encountered while driving on the road through a principle of divided treads that expand or contract.

New tires by Hankook (4)

The Magfloat, uses magnetic field extension and rotation principle. Is a single user mobility that can move freely at a low speed of 20km/h and can be used indoors.


New tires by Hankook (3)

iPlay. Two wheel mobility maximizes the efficiency and cornering in the urban car sharing system. Flexible suspension structure minimizes the volume during the standby mode.


New tires by Hankook (2)

ShiftRac. A tire that allows strong cornering and fast lane change through block shifting of skating principle pushing outwards.


New tires by Hankook (1)

AutoBine. An intelligent tire that detects the weight of the car and attaches itself to the bus body.

source Hankook