Night Shift electric motorcycle (7)

The stylish Night Shift is the simplest electric motorcycle ever made.

In the rear hub of the Night Shift, you’ll see a black motor, built by Enertrac. 13 HP continuous, 40 peak. It doesn’t need a transmission. You can see the wires that connect to the controller under the right side of the swing arm. When I let off the throttle, the motor switches polarity and recharges the battery through regenerative braking.

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Where the motor used to be is a battery pack of cells from a Nissan Leaf electric car, wired here in series for a total of 116 volts.

There are four flat-pack Lithium Manganese Oxide (LiMn2O4) batteries in each of the 14 cells on the bike.

Night Shift electric motorcycle (4)


Under the seat is a silver Kelly controller rated for 250 amps which manages the electricity flowing between the motor and the battery. When you twist the throttle, the controller adjusts the duration and spacing of pulses being sent to the motor (think ABS pulsing). The harder the twist, the longer the pulses, and the smaller the gaps between them. This keeps the bike from ripping out from under you and creates silky smooth power delivery. I can connect my laptop to the controller through the blue data port above the license plate and adjust the power curve for better acceleration or more range. Its currently setup for quick but balanced city riding and a range of ~100 miles.

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Sitting where the gas tank used to be is an Eltek charger that can provide up to 3000 watts at 220 volts. Right now its wired for 110 and can connect to any household outlet with an extension cord through a charge port below and behind the seat. It will charge in under three hours.

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