Night Vision device for smartphone

Snooperscope night vision device for your smartphone and tablet, uses infrared light to see night scenes on the phone’s screen.

Snooperscope gives your mobile device the ability to see and capture the world in complete darkness, while revealing items not visible to your naked eye.
The device intended to be used for fishermen and hunters, is available for $180 here.

Night Vision device for your smartphone 2


Snooperscope™ is a special portable and wireless device that, by using your mobile device as a screen and the infrared light as a source, enables you to see in low light conditions and in total darkness. Plus, under visible light, it reveals hidden things that normally cannot be seen by the human eye.
By employing special optics, the user can see in the area covered by the light even though the naked eye only detects total darkness.
A number of more practical applications have been developed with the Snooperscope™ because of its ability to peer through any opaque material that infrared rays can pass through.

Night Vision device for smartphone

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