Nine new islands to be constructed near Copenhagen

Nine new islands to be constructed just 10 km south of Copenhagen.

Holmene by Urban Power, the largest land reclamation project in Scandinavia in the years to come, combines several needs in the region:

A growing demand for sites for knowledge intensive industry, fossil-free energy production and flood barrier to secure both the existing and future areas. Furthermore it adds an enormous public accessible natural area. (4)

Urban Power has developed the vision and strategic planning for the ambitious development; including the visual material, film and coordination with the municipal administration, engineers and external advisors.

The historic shoreline of the area consisted of small uninhabited islets with a rich and diverse vegetation and wildlife. However, the need for large scale industry in the 1960’s led to an extensive land reclamation, that replaced the nature with a barren and technical industrial landscape. (3)

Now, 50 years later, the industrial area is fully developed and there’s demand for more. Instead of repeating the modernistic approach, the new land reclamation “Holmene” will serve a higher purpose and add value in a broader perspective: For the business, for the public and for the nature.

“Holmene” consist of nine industrial Islands; each surrounded by a nature belt ranging from active areas for sports to more tranquil areas for recreation. There’s even several small islets and reefs inaccessible for humans, to provide the best conditions for nature and wildlife at land as well as in the water. (2)

source Urban Power