A new space project, the Emergency Asteroid Defense Project (EADP), created to protect the planet from large asteroids and other Near Earth Objects (NEOs).  Image credit NASA

Help Defend Earth Against Asteroid Threats,’ a new campaign launched to raise money for a rapid, first line of defence against potentially life-threatening asteroids.

Earth is currently unprotected against incoming asteroids. EADP’s Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle HAIV solution will change that!

HAIVs (pronounced hai-vee) are small spacecrafts that can deflect or disperse asteroids and comets with only a few days’ warning.

Developed at Iowa State University’s Asteroid Deflection Research Center, HAIVs are currently the best known method for protecting Earth from asteroid impact on relatively short notice.

Asteroid impact is a global threat requiring global cooperation. Due to a lack of funding and resources, scientists and government agencies including NASA have not yet found a definitive solution. This global crowdfunding campaign, the first ever for active asteroid defense, will fund a design feasibility study for the development, construction and in-space testing of HAIV asteroid defense spacecrafts, to be followed by the production of several HAIVs that will be ready for use in case of emergency.

The Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (EADP) is a global non-profit initiative to develop an efficient and secure method of protecting the planet from disastrous asteroid impacts.

This is how HAIV works:

Emergency Asteroid Defense Project (EADP) (4)

Emergency Asteroid Defense Project (EADP) (3)Interactive map of asteroid impacts since 2,300 BC. CLICK HERE to find an impact site near you. Source: CartoDB

Emergency Asteroid Defense Project (EADP) (1)Map of the 6,400 biggest potentially hazardous asteroids, out of millions.

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