Omega new 'NATO' Flag Straps

Your watch and strap should go together perfectly, but why not mix things up and see what happens?  Take a look at these new Omega flag-inspired watch straps.

There are many color options for the new Omega’s “NATO”straps made of polyamide, a textile made of synthetic fibers that offers good tensile strength, as well as resistance to abrasion.

Omega new 'NATO' Flag Straps (3)

“NATO” straps evolved from the leather and canvas ones used by British pilots, navigators and army personnel during World War Two.

Omega new 'NATO' Flag Straps (1)

For safety reasons, wristwatches did not use removable spring bars to secure their straps. Their fixed bars, often soldered, were less likely to break than spring bars so there was less chance of losing the strap. Of course, this meant that the straps were created in a single piece that slide through the fixed bars.

Omega new 'NATO' Flag Straps (2)

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