Onewheel GT Electric Board

The Onewheel GT Electric Board offers higher voltage for more power, up to 32mi/52km on a single charge riding.

Onewheel GT Electric Board: A totally redesigned control system uses higher voltage for more power, torque and dynamic performance at all speeds.

Concave footpads, grippier grip tape, and a custom tire profile combine for even deeper carving and more boardfeel.

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State of the art 21700 batteries provide peak performance across the state of charge so you can get after it wherever your adventures take you. Go farther.

Carve-ability taken to the next level, this new Onewheel-specific tire with rounder profile gets you from rail to rail for that powder day feel.

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GT features concave front and rear footpads for maximum comfort and control and aggressive grip tape for maximum traction.

Brighter LED lights with 300% more lumens than XR and featuring new Highbeams for maximum visibility. See and be seen!

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