Peace Bridge by Santiago Calatrava

Nestled between the banks of the bow, just west of prince’s island park, calgary is the peace bridge, being built to accommodate the increasing number of people commuting to and from work and those who simply want to enjoy the city’s pathways.

Peace Bridge

The bridge designed by spanish architect santiago calatrava will be completed until late january 2011. Originally city officials had said the bridge, designed for pedestrians and cyclists, would be open for use by October.
‘the contractor (now) fully realizes the complexity of assembling that structure will put
a huge demand on their time and effort,’ jadwiga kroman, the city’s project manager for
the bridge, said of the delay.
Calatrava’s elaborate bridges and buildings have proven notorious for coming in late
and over budget. but kroman said based on current projections, the calgary’s peace
bridge remains on budget.

Peace Bridge4

Peace Bridge3

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