The piano of the future by Gergely Bogányi

The impressive piano of the future by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi, took him 10 year to create it.   Watch the video…

The Bogányi grand piano with sound beyond time, will probably replace the standard one created in the late 1800s.

The curved shape of the piano creates “a supporting effect, thereby conducting the sound, from below the piano, towards the audience.”

It includes a revolutionary production technology of the new composite soundboard – more resistant to most exterior conditions, including heat, humidity, cold, damp and dryness.Thus, it keeps the quality and consistency of the sound as stable as possible. Holding its tune for longer.

The new soundboard, due to its richer vibration produces a sound transmission performance that could eclipse that of the traditional pianos. This also has an effect on the maintenance – less is needed.

The Bogányi piano comes with a renewed agraffe system which liberates the soundboard when playing.

The new soundboard and the reconstructed agraffe system together with the new shaping concept of the cast-iron frame – all create a new quality that affects and provokes a novel perception of sound.

The piano of the future by Gergely Bogányi 2

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