Boxster-EThe famed car maker has just unveiled the first of three brand new electric Boxsters, the Boxster E. With 240-horsepower under its hood, the new Boxster E can go from 0 to 60 miles in 5.3 seconds, and it features a 29-kWh battery pack that will give the car at least a 100 miles range per charge.

Boxster-E 2Volkswagen, who owns Porsche, is providing the electric motors for the new series of zero-emission vehicles. And while the car won’t be in showrooms anytime soon, considering the prototypes unveiled yesterday in Stuttgart, Germany, the Boxsters are just are just one part of an ongoing testing program that will give way to even more drool-worthy green designs.
In a statement from the company, CEO Matthais Müller said, “electrical mobility is a central challenge of the coming years.” It goes without saying that we’re waiting with bated breath.