Project Crystal Superyacht

The 308-foot Project Crystal hybrid superyacht, named for the striking crystalline lattice that defines the superstructure.

The synergy of the flowing lines and precision of the crystal structure strikes a unique profile on Nick Stark Design’s latest superyacht concept.

Nick Stark, stylist and naval architect behind the design, said:

“We wanted to create an aesthetic that is celebratory. The lines flow up and across, both lifting our gaze and also guiding it to what is around us: the people, the community and the environment.”

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“As with all our designs, the impact of a vessel on its context is crucial—environmental considerations extend from the controllable pitch propellers which maximise efficiency, through the hydrodynamic optimisations of the hull, hybrid power systems and glazing arrangements that minimise solar gain.”

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LOA: 94m
Beam: 13.1m
GT: 2500 (approx)
Propulsion: Twin shaft controllable pitch props, hybrid power
Compliance: R.E.G. Large Yacht Code

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source Nick Stark Design