Raye electric waterjet

Tarform Raye electric waterjet is an exploration of biomorphic design and technology.

The Tarform Raye is an electric jet ski that combines biomorphic design, plant-based materials, and modular technology. Translating the experience of an electric motorcycle onto the water was the most natural extension to our vehicle lineup.

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“While we are fulfilling the deliveries of the bespoke Tarform Luna motorcycle, we are excited to unveil the concept design of our second vehicle – the Tarform Raye, an all-electric watercraft.”

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The Raye will share the same technology from the Tarform Luna with over-the-air updates, machine learning, and sensor technology for a seamless and connected experience.

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The bodywork will be available in recycled carbon fiber or Tarform´s proprietary plant-based composite.

The target price will start at $68,000 for a bespoke model with a set of unique personal touches.

Images credit Tarform

source Tarform