Teleport Virtual Reality system (4)


Teleport offers a simple way to capture and hold the most precious moments of your life, through virtual reality.

Teleport virtual reality takes a step further when you take pictures or record videos. Is an entirely new way to experience again the most precious moments of your life.

Teleport Virtual Reality system (3)


Use Teleport 3D camera to capture those special moments, then step into Teleport VR headset to relive those memories in virtual reality.

Teleport Virtual Reality system (1)


Simply plug the Teleport 3D Camera in your phone and start shooting.

Teleport 3D Camera has 2 lenses that work the same way how our eyes see the world; it captures everything you see in 3D.  Here are some 3D videos shot on Teleport 3D Camera.  Watch them in Teleport VR Headset for the best viewing experience.  You can also watch them in another VR Headset like Google Cardboard.

Teleport Virtual Reality system (2)


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