Renewable energy supplies now a quarter of the world's needs

A new global report on clean energy, shows that 2015 was a record year and that renewables supplies now almost a quarter of the world’s needs!

According to energy policy network REN21, a record clean energy investments in 2015, added globally 147 gigawatts (GW) in renewable power generating capacity, achieving 23.7 percent of global electricity requirements.

Above, the most awaited REN21’s GSR2016 video:

Chair of REN21, Arthouros Zervos, said:

“The renewables train is barrelling down the tracks, but it’s running on 20th century infrastructure – a system based on outdated thinking where conventional baseload is generated by fossil fuels and nuclear power. To accelerate the transition to a healthier, more-secure, and climate-safe future, we need to build the equivalent of a high-speed rail network – a smarter, more flexible system that maximises the use of variable sources of renewable energy.”

2015 was an extraordinary year for renewable energy. Renewables are now cost competitive with fossil fuels in many markets and are established around the world as mainstream sources of energy. Cities, communities and companies are leading the rapidly expanding “100% renewable” movement, playing a vital role in advancing the global energy transition. Distributed renewable energy is advancing rapidly to close the gap between the energy haves- and have-nots. Read the Renewables 2016 Global Status Report for more.

Check out REN21’s Renewables Interactive Map for country specific data.