Heliogen’s technology

Bill Gates-backed startup called Heliogen, that just achieved with artificial intelligence algorithm, to concentrate solar energy exceeding temperatures greater than 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Heliogen’s technology is capable of transforming sunlight into fuels like hydrogen and syngas, and replace the use of fossil fuels in critical industrial processes.

Heliogen’s mission is to create the world’s first technology that can commercially replace fossil fuels in industrial processes with carbon-free, ultra-high temperature heat from the sun and to transform sunlight into fuels, including hydrogen, at scale. Heliogen was created at Idealab, the leading technology incubator in the world.

Heliogen’s technology


HelioMax features a breakthrough closed-loop control system that consistently delivers high optical performance and saves months of time in calibration. The HelioMax boasts higher concentration and more flux per dollar than any other heliostat system and is available for both electricity generation and process heat applications.


Our carbon-free, ultra-high temperature (up to 1500ºC) heat can be used by customers to replace their use of harmful fossil fuels. Historically dirty processes like calcining, reforming, ore roasting, and sintering, which are used in industries such as cement, refining, and mining can now be made green with HelioHeat.

Heliogen’s technology


Clean, renewable fuels created by our carbon-free, ultra-high temperature heat can be used in applications as diverse as transportation, heavy equipment, and household heating. To start, we’re focused on the production of green hydrogen – the fundamental clean fuel.

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