Rimac Nevera goes Off-Road

This is not our typical hypercar adventure, but it’s great to see that the Nevera can handle off-road like a pro.

“Our Nevera development journey is in its final stages. We’ve showed you a lot this far, even the tough-to-watch crash tests. This time around, we want to share with you how our perfectly finished Nevera gets completely destroyed as a part of its global homologation crash testing program. But first, let’s have some fun!”

Rimac Nevera goes Off-Road (2)

“This particular example of the Nevera was our first pre-series car, made in early 2021, and used for various track and road tests, but also for customer and media drives, exclusive worldwide events, and more. Unfortunately, it had an expiration date from the very beginning, and now it is time to say goodbye, as we wrap up the crash testing homologation program

Rimac Nevera goes Off-Road (1)

Since it’s going to be destroyed in the final crash tests soon, our CEO Mate Rimac decided to take it for its final spin and do things we wouldn’t normally do and most of the Nevera owners probably never will. But a little fun never hurt nobody, right?”