Robo-Squid will explore Europa

NASA has unveiled a ‘robo-squid,’ hoping to discover with it alien life in underground oceans of Jupiter‘s moon, Europa.

Images credit NASA

The NASA’s resembling a squid, Robo-Squid, powered from locally changing magnetic fields, could prove life on Europa is also powered by electromagnetic energy.

According to astronomers, liquid ocean on Europa could be 62 miles (100 kilometers) deep.

So, how this robot will go down there, it will be another difficult issue of the project.

Europa's underground oceansEuropa’s underground oceans.   Credit NASA

Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator for the Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) at NASA, said:

“The latest selections include a number of exciting concepts.”

Mason Peck, who developed the concept at Cornell University, said:

“We propose a rover architecture for Europa and other planetary environments where soft robotics enables scientific investigation or human-precursor missions that cannot be accomplished with solar or nuclear power.”

EuropaEuropa.  Credit NASA

source NASA