Roborace's first ever Driverless Hillclimb

Watch Roborace becoming the first autonomous race car to complete the Goodwood Hillclimb.

Robocar officially become the first ever fully autonomous race car, at the 25th anniversary of the 2018 festival of speed, to complete the Goodwood Hillclimb.

How Roborace autonomously conquered the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb:

During the week of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018, Roborace completed the vaunted hillclimb during an early morning test session with Robocar, the world’s first autonomous race car. This accomplishment was made without the assistance of a safety driver.

This feat in combination with the runs over race weekend marks a milestone moment at Goodwood, making Roborace the first-ever autonomous race car to complete the hillclimb at the Festival of Speed.

“Roborace plays an important role in the future of mobility, challenging public perceptions and providing a platform to advance new technologies,” said Charles Gordon-Lennox, the Duke of Richmond and Founder of the Festival of Speed. “This makes them the perfect partner to undertake this significant feat.”