Rolls-Royce SMR Nuclear Reactors (2)

Envisaged by the Rolls-Royce-led UK consortium, UK SMR technology can produce nuclear power in a new way anywhere in the world, with a lower carbon footprint.

At the heart of the UK SMR concept lies the innovative repackaging of reliable and proven technology, allowing off-site modular construction using standard components and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Our world needs more low-carbon power than ever. So we’re leading a UK consortium to develop an affordable power plant that generates electricity using a small modular reactor – an intelligent way to meet our future energy needs.

Rolls-Royce SMR Nuclear Reactors (3)

One UK SMR power station will produce 440MWe of electricity.
Enough power to:
Supply a city the size of Leeds
Light 40,000,000 bulbs
Charge 88,000,000 smartphones
Charge 62,857 electric cars
Run 8,000,000 large TVs

Rolls-Royce SMR Nuclear Reactors (1)

Built in one location, the elements of an SMR can be shipped over sea or by rail or road and assembled on site, with a predictable program from first concrete to commissioning in just four years, including 500 days on site for the modular build.

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