Salvador Dali Museum The Dali Museum has just reopened in Florida, with a new building out of glass. It concentrates nearly 20.000 square meters of works of art and the whole of the collection of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. A work of modern architecture and surrealist by cabinet HOK Architects.

Salvador Dali Museum 3

The 75-foot building is quite the work of art in itself; its exterior is comprised of 1,062 unique, triangular glass panels that form bubble domes to reflect the blue sky, and wrap around a traditional rectangular core. This design serves to reflect the flowing, larger-than-life images of Dali’s work, with the glass “Enigma,” as the designer calls it, serving the building’s life force. Its ethereal shape and texture contrasts sharply with the rough concrete core of the building, but this part was also integral to the design, as it protects the priceless works of art from hurricanes or other extreme incidents. This geometrical mass, with 18-inch thick reinforced concrete walls and a 12-inch thick roof, is referred to by the architect as the “Treasure Box.” The project cost $29.8 million.

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