SeaBubbles Flying River Taxis

SeaBubbles electric hydrofoil water taxis, you can find them this summer Paris.

SeaBubbles will be like the Yellow cab in NYC. But with a few big differences. You will not get stuck in traffic. It is Green, It is fun and it is safe.
It will be great to live in such city where you can commute in and out using this new modern way of transport.

SeaBubbles Flying River Taxis (3)

Our Vision for the Bubbles is to be a fun green mode of transport that answers the needs in the ever-congested public transport systems around the globe.

SeaBubbles CEO Anders Bringdal discusses the startup’s battery-powered bubble-shaped ships that he hopes will become a fully autonomous alternative to ferries and water taxis. He speaks with Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Technology.”

SeaBubbles Flying River Taxis (2)

SeaBubbles Flying River Taxis (1)

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