Segway KickScooter T60

The three-wheeled Segway KickScooter T60 has a semi-autonomous mode allowing it to return to its wireless charging dock.

KickScooter T60 scooter is developed exclusively for global shared-scooter service providers. The reverse trike scooter can be switched to the semi-auto pilot mode which allows the operator to move several scooters at once through a cloud system to address rebalancing and recharging demands at anytime and anywhere.

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The supply and demand of vehicles can vary with time and space, resulting in low efficiency in manual rebalancing.

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A fisheye camera captures full view of the surroundings. Using deep learning algorithm, the scooter can identify drivable areas and road edges and generate a map for planning an obstacle-free route. This enables click-and-go navigation for short travel and follow-the-edge navigation for long travel.

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The rear-wheel-drive design guarantees an easier and safer ride.

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