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This self-driving tractor that automatically plant and harvest, could take farmers out of the fields.

CNH Industrial’s Innovation Group unveiled a self-driving tractor, uses radar and video cameras to ‘see’ fields.

The company has proactively developed concept autonomous technology, to meet this challenge and help farmers and agribusinesses sustainably.

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The tractor can boost production and productivity, through the ability to make the most of ideal soil and weather conditions, as well as available labor.

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Auto-steering and telematics are already available on today’s tractors and autonomous technology takes this a significant stage further. Based on the existing Case IH Magnum and New Holland T8 high-horsepower conventional tractors, and using GPS in conjunction with the most accurate satellite correction signals for ultra-precise guidance and immediate recording and transmission of field data, the CNH Industrial autonomous tractor concept has been designed to allow completely remote deployment, monitoring and control of the machines.

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source CNH Industrial