Smart Bandage Signals Infection

Colour-changing smart Bandage, will help in the fight against infection and antibiotic resistance.

Scientists at the University of Bath, developed a ‘smart’ medical dressing, that changes color when it detects infection.

This new “intelligent” dressing that turns fluorescent green to signal the onset of an infection, will improve treatments for burns patients and help combat the global problem of antibiotic resistance, by reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

The prototype of the color-changing bandage, contains a gel-like material infused with tiny capsules that release nontoxic fluorescent dye, ‘in response to contact with populations of bacteria that commonly cause wound infections.’

Led by professor, of biophysical chemistry at the University of Bath, Toby Jenkins, the inventors of the new bandage, which has not yet been tested in humans, it could be used to alert doctors to an infection early enough to prevent the patient from getting sick.

“In some cases it may even be able help avoid the need for antibiotics,” says Jenkins.