Smart Concept #1

The near-production smart Concept #1 is entering a new era, with very compact exterior dimensions and the traditional smart design

The smart Concept #1 previewing at the IAA Mobility in Munich provides a clear insight into the first production model in smart’s new generation of all-electric vehicles.

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The SUV concept vehicle takes the smart brand into the high-growth small and compact car segment.  This is underlined by innovative details such as LED light strips at the front and rear with a rhythmic light show, ambient lighting including the footwell and a newly developed UI/UX concept with artificial intelligence. In true smart fashion, the interior of the electric SUV is very spacious in relation to its compact exterior dimensions.

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The smart brand has been a pioneer of urban mobility since 1997. It stands for a sustainable and connected urban lifestyle. Its pioneering status was underlined again in 2019 when smart became the world’s first car manufacturer to switch completely from a combustion engine to electric drive only.

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With the establishment of the joint venture, smart Automobile Co., Ltd. at the end of 2019, Mercedes-Benz AG and Geely Automobile Group are now turning to the next chapter in the company’s history. The two equal partners are developing smart into a leading global provider of connected, battery-electric premium vehicles for demanding customer groups.

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The development of the next generation of smart vehicles will take place in Geely’s global engineering network. The exterior and interior design will be created in the global Mercedes-Benz Design network.

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“We’re celebrating an important milestone with the smart Concept #1, which is the forerunner of the next smart generation,” says Daniel Lescow, Vice President Global Sales, Marketing & After-Sales of smart Automobile Co, Ltd. “The near-production study is an exciting taste of what our customers can expect from the smart brand. The new smart Concept #1 is the first glimpse of our vision of a new and sustainable mobility. It’s characterised by progressive design, premium equipment and advanced technology.”

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