oombrella smart connected umbrella

oombrella is a smart connected umbrella, that alerts you before it rains and sends you a notification in your smartphone.

oombrella sends you a notification if you leave it behind and when it is about to rain!

What if you can turn the rain into something fun? You’ll agree that umbrellas are too often forgotten at home when they are the most needed! Do you know a feeling worse than being soaked because you forgot to take your umbrella? Neither do we!

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What makes oombrella unique is its notification services that alert you before it rains and if you leave your umbrella behind.
oombrella’s hyper-local weather data and tracking keep you informed and notified.

Yet oombrella is an umbrella ;-) It means that it protects you against the rain, and its ribs make it really wind-resistant.

As an umbrella, it can be adapted to you. This means you can pick the color, go for the Shiny edition, a very elegant White Edition or choose the revisited yet classic Black edition. In terms of size, you can choose too! Go for a classic size or one that fits in your bag.

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