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Milky Way over the Pinnacles in Australia

Milky Way over the Pinnacles in Australia

In the foreground of this breathtaking image are the Pinnacles, then is a bright crescent Moon and arching across the top is the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy.   Image credit Michael Goh.

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Crescent Moon meets Morning Star

Crescent Moon meets Venus

Venus, that now appears as Earth’s brilliant morning star, rose predawn in this stunning time series, in a close pairing with an old crescent Moon on Monday, December 7.    Image credit Philip A Cruden

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Clouds Comet and Crescent Moon

Clouds Comet and Crescent Moon

A magic moment. Colorful evening twilight, clouds, comet and crescent moon, captured by talented astrophotographer Babak Tafreshi. The scene captures naked-eye Comet PanSTARRS peeking into northern hemisphere skies on March 12.    Image © Babak Tafreshi (TWAN)

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Conjunction Colours

Conjunction Colours

During the past week, nightfall on planet Earth has featured Mars, Saturn, and Spica in a lovely conjunction near the western horizon. Still forming the corners of a distinctive celestial triangle after sunset and recently joined by a crescent Moon, they are all about the same brightness but can exhibit different colors to the discerning eye.   Image credit: Phil HartShooting Stars eBook

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Venus, the Moon, Jupiter and the Pleiades

Venus the Moon Jupiter and the Pleiades

The above image shows the sword of Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira appearing to pierce the waning crescent Moon. It was captured in Portel, Portugal a little before dawn on July 15, 2012.  Image credit: Miguel Claro

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Morning, Moon and Mercury

Morning, Moon and Mercury

Moon and Mercury the pair rose together in predawn skies above the city lights of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, climbing high above the horizon along a steeply inclined ecliptic planeImage Credit Stephen Mudge, Stephen’s email

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Earthshine, Crescent Moon and Venus

Earthshine, Moon and Venus

Only a day after new Moon, this stunning twilight display graced the skies over southern California. The crescent Moon and Venus were only about two degrees apart – about the length of your thumb when held at arm’s length.   Photographer: David Lynch, Dave’s web sites:  1, 2, 3

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Conjunction over Viverone Lake

Crescent Moon and Venus at sunset

A young crescent Moon and Venus graced western skies at sunset. Captured on December 26th the conjunction, with beautiful sunset colors above and below, is seen here over Viverone Lake near Turin, Italy.  image credit Stefano De Rosa

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Tides in Brush Creek, Oregon

Brush Creek's tides

The photo above shows Brush Creek rushing across a wide beach at low tide near Port Orford, Oregon. It was snapped at the base of Humbug Mountain a little past sunset on November 28, 2011. Venus and the waxing crescent Moon are conspicuous in the twilight skyPhotographer Randy Scholten; Randy’s Web site

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Crescent Moon and airliner

Moon and airplane

This slender crescent Moon was recorded at a tender age of 34 hours and 18 minutes. Well, OK … when calculating the lunar age during a lunation or complete cycle of phases – from New Moon to Full Moon and back to New Moon again – the Moon never gets more than around 29.5 days old. Photographer Stefan Seip.

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