Send your name to Mars with NASA

Send your name to Mars with NASA

If you want your name on a microchip bound for Mars, earn NASA’s “frequent flyer miles,” for your future space travel. Here’s how to sign up, it’s free…

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Developing new Cockpit technologies

advanced cockpit configuration

In 1939, August 19 designated as National Aviation Day in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday. NASA has helped air travel become a safe, reliable form of transportation.

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The Ferrari of Rocket Engines

RS-25 NASA’s new rocket

The RS-25 NASA’s new rocket, is one of the most complex and efficient rocket engines in the world. This is the first trial at the Space Launch System.

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Future Airplane Designs by Students for NASA

Students' Future Airplane Designs for NASA

Some of today’s students already are thinking about the electric airplanes of tomorrow, thanks to NASA challenge.

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NEEMO Undersea tests for Future Spacewalks

NEEMO Undersea tests for Future Spacewalks

During the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 20 mission, NASA astronaut Serena Aunon, testing moving tools and equipment underwater.

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Closest Rocky Exoplanet confirmed

Rocky exoplanet HD 219134b (3)

The closest rocky exoplanet confirmed outside our solar system, lies 21 light-years away, located just off the “W” pattern of the Cassiopeia constellation.

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Summer Blue Moon

Summer Blue Moon 1

Blue Moon” is the second Full Moon of July. NASA explains in the video…

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Newly discovered planet is the most similar yet to Earth

Kepler-452b exoplanet orbiting in the habitable zone

NASA’s Kepler mission discovers Kepler-452b exoplanet orbiting in the habitable zone, that is the most similar yet to Earth.

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Fly over Pluto

Fly over Pluto

A new amazing video from NASA, showing simulated flyover of Pluto’s Norgay Montes (Norgay Mountains) and Sputnik Planum (Sputnik Plain), created from New Horizons closest-approach images.

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Crash Test for the Emergency Transmitters

Cessna Crash Test for Emergency Transmitters

A Cessna 172 dropped to the concrete from 82 feet (25 meters), to test the performance of four emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) installed on board.

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